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(1) Make sure your Apple Watch is stainless steel. Place your order here. Our $399 flat rate package includes the plating of one watch face and one watch band and fully insured roundtrip domestic shipping. You can add additional watch bands for  using our ordering system. 

(2) Check for your free FedEx shipping label which will show up in your email inbox within 24 hours. Package up and drop off your Apple Watch at the nearest FedEx location or schedule a pickup.

(3) We will magically gold plate your Apple Watch and ship it back to you as soon as humanly possible, usually within 4-7 business days from when we receive your watch. 

(4) Congratulations, you now own a gold Apple Watch. Enjoy! 


Can you gold plate my Apple Watch Sport ?

While we technically can, we aren't happy with the results, so its not a service we are offering at this time. 

How long will the gold plating on my Apple Watch last?  Do you offer a plating warranty?

      With proper care, gold plating should last for a long time. Regularly wipe your Apple Watch carefully with a soft cloth designed for gold jewelry with a mild cleanser to keep it clean and free of elements which can oxidize. Do not use metal polish on your watch as it could contain an abrasive that can remove your plating. Because gold plating can wear faster where the skin comes in contact with it, we apply a removable invisible film that will protect your plating from normal wear. We do not recommend exercising or swimming with the watch on as salt can be corrosive. 

   Your new gold plating is guaranteed for at least 30 days.  If you are unsatisfied with the finish or if you find a flaw, send us an email and we will correct the problem as quickly as possible, with no cost to you. After the 30 days, we will re-plate your watch as long as you own it for $150.   


How much will it cost me to gold plate my Apple Watch?

     We charge a $399 flat fee to gold plate any stainless steel Apple Watch face, including one band in 18k yellow or rose gold or our black chrome plating. Round trip FedEx Ground shipping within the US is always free. 2 Day Priority shipping is available for $60. Our international shipping flat rate is $99.


Do you accept orders from outside of the USA?

     Yes! We ship Worldwide. Just select the International shipping flat rate of $99 when you place your order.


Do you sell gold-plated Apple Watches or bands?

     We do not sell them, but we can buy them on your behalf, plate them and ship them to you when complete.. Please see our new concierge service.



Can you plate the hardware on my leather band or sport band?

     Send us your Apple Watch bands and we will gold plate every exposed stainless steel surface.


Do you offer white gold, silver, platinum, or other types of plating?

     Sorry, we are only offering yellow gold, rose gold and black chrome plating at this time. If you sign up for email updates at the bottom of this page, you will be the first to know when we offer more types of plating!


Where is Watch Plate located?

     We live and work in sunny Los Angeles, California. Our office is in Downtown Los Angeles and our plating facility operates out of Long Beach.


I'm local! Can I drop off and/or pick up my watch from your facility?

    Apologies, but we are not set up to receive customers at the plating facility and so cannot accommodate drop-offs or pick-ups at this time. Please place your order through the website and use the free FedEx label provided. Rest assured your watch will be insured for its full retail price.


Do I need to ship my watch to you in its original packaging? 

     Yes, if possible please send your Apple Watch to us in its original packaging to ensure your watch is returned to you in its best possible condition. Please note: we do not recommend shipping your watch via the USPS. 


Is my Apple Watch insured during shipping?

     Yes. We use FedEx for shipping and insure your Apple Watch at its full retail value. Any insurance claims or adjustments should to be made directly to FedEx. 

Please note: we do not recommend shipping your watch via the USPS. 


Do you offer overnight shipping? 

      Sorry, but we do not offer overnight shipping at this time. If you would like to use your own label or account number to ship faster than our priority 2 day shipping, please include your Watchplate order number on the label and/or enter your watch's serial number on your Watchplate order form. We will then give you a complimentary upgrade on your return shipping. 

Please note: we do not recommend shipping your watch via the USPS. 


Do you accept drop shipments from Apple, EBay or other Apple Dealers?

     Yes. In order to speed things up, we can accept direct drop shipments from Apple, EBay or other Apple dealers. Just send it to "Watchplate, ATTN: 'Your Name'" in the shipping address. Please include your Watchplate order number on the label and/or enter your watch's serial number on your Watchplate order form. If you are an international customer, please make sure you select the international shipping flat rate option when you place your order so we can ship it back to you.

Please note: we do not recommend shipping your watch via the USPS. 


Do you use real gold? How many karats? How thick is your plating?

     By popular demand, we are now using genuine 18k gold for all our plating because of its durability and more subtle coloring.  All our gold is ethically sourced. Our plating is around 12 microns thick which is more than twice what most other plating companies apply.


Will gold plating my Apple Watch void its Apple Warranty? 

 Stainless Steel Apple Watch:     It is possible your Apple Watch Warrantly will be voided. The plating process involves dipping the watch in about 3 inches of fluid for about 20 minutes total. This is much easier on the watch than Apple’s recommended maximum of 3 ft submersion for 30 minutes. That being said, we have no control over how Apple’s warrantee policies could change regarding gold plating.